Past Talks

Here’s a selection of some talks I’ve given recently. I’m happy to share my slides if you’re interested.

15/07/2021“Can Scientists Study Individuals?” ISHPSSB2021, CSHL.
18/03/2021“Big Data in Behavioural Biology”
Digital Studies of Digital Science, Online. Watch it on YouTube.
08/12/2020“Population Thinking and Uniqueness of Individuals” 
Evolution Seminar, Bielefeld University.
28/10/2020“Explaining Honour Killing with Sexism and Marginalisation” (with Ali Teymoori). Australian Posthumanities Seminar. available as a podcast.
12/06/2020“Studying Individuality” SFB-TRR212 Seminar Series, Bielefeld University/University of Münster.
16/01/2020“Like a human fingerprint: Uniqueness and biological individuality.”
Philosophy and History of Science Colloquium, Ruhr University Bochum. 
10/07/2019“Defining the niche for niche construction” ISHPSSB2019, Oslo University.
11/04/2019“Carving up reality: Scientific metaphysics and aspirational ontology.” Realities and Fantasies: Workshop for the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam.
26/02/2019“What Fish is This? Process ontology and identification practices.” GWP 2019, Köln University.

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