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Book Reviews

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In Preparation and Under Review

Trappes, Rose. [major revisions] “Animal Behaviour in Times of Big Data: How Tracking Technology is Changing Animal Ecology.” Synthese, special issue Digital Studies of Digital Science, ed. Charles Pence and Luca Rivelli.

Dorninger, Christian, Christopher Luederitz, Rose Trappes, Julius Rathgens, Max-Friedemann Kretschmer, Lynn Chiu, Henrik von Wehrden, Roberto Cazzolla Gatti and Guido Caniglia [under review] “Why care about niches? A cross-disciplinary review to understand agent-environment interactions for sustainability” Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.

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Trappes, Rose, Alkistis Elliott-Graves and Marie I. Kaiser [in preparation] “Epistemological Challenges of Individuality” 

Trappes, Rose. [in preparation] “The easy difference: Sex in behavioural ecology”

Trappes, Rose. [in preparation] “Sharing Animal Tracking Data to Answer Big Questions”

Feel free to get in touch about any of my work, I’m happy to share drafts.

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